The Trackpad Killed My Computer

From Joanna Stern’s Review of the Asus Zenbook UX31 at The Verge:

As I was working on writing this review in Google Docs, the cursor somehow decided to open an Asus utility called WinFlash, which then began to reformat the BIOS. (I’m really not even sure why this is included!) Oddly, I couldn’t stop the process and before I knew it, I had a totally dead system. Yes, the trackpad actually killed the UX21.

Wow… If I made that story up, do you actually think anyone would believe me? I’m gonna say no at this point. Details matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, a waiter, a factory worker, or a computer engineer, details matter.

For the record, I actually own a single Windows-only computer which happens to be a less than 1-year old Asus laptop. It works ok, though it does have a very finicky touchpad (what PC’s don’t?) and I think it has a faulty GPU as well. Keep forgetting to get that taken care of…